Meltdown in East Lothian.

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As followers of Scottish politics know, there are tensions in East Lothian Labour between the MP, Anne Moffat, and the MSP, Iain Gray (aka the LOLITSP, and yes, if you google LOLITSP you get the Labour site). 

She's having trouble being reselected, and in the process accused him of being close to a group of local activists she describes as "bullies", "cowards" and "nasty people". The Nats are rubbing their hands together so vigorously they could start a fire, and it'll almost certainly not have gone away by the LOLITSP's unfortunate Christmas hostage-to-fortune deadline.

All of which makes this picture even more entertaining - thanks to Lindsay for the suggestion. 

The pair of them are pictured being kept apart by what looks like a 20th birthday cake for Torness itself, made in its own likeness. The cake is presumably composed of real but sweetened nuclear waste and cooled with radioactive jam. After the photocall she's going to try and stuff him into the reactor core, but I think he'll fend her off with a cooling rod. 

Anyway, it's dying to be used as a caption competition, I reckon. Entries in the comments please, again with an unspecified prize for the best (Susan, I owe you a bottle for the last competition).

On a more serious note, Labour representatives for seats with nuclear power stations in them are often the most gung-ho for this dinosaur technology - think Brian Wilson, former MP for Hunterston, or Jack Cunningham, former MP for Sellafield. This may matter more when you're hoping to lead a country which is far more nuke-sceptical than your local patch.


More than gung-ho for this technology, they're usually completely right-wing (add Maclennan to this list) only too keen to compromise on pretty much any issue known to politics.

Caption competition:

Nuclear Fallout in East Lothian

How about "LOLITSP: A TOXIC WASTE of time."

I've had the following suggestions via email (anyone having trouble commenting please let me know):

If you press down like this, it turns into a Party Popper.

No, none of us can stand up. The radioactivity just shrank our genes.

Why the hell did I promise to lay the first brick?

Malc is currently ahead in my arbitrary competition, incidentally.

caption entry: Mini nuclear power station for every home, promises labour.

Iain Gray: decommissioned nationally and heading for meltdown locally

Competition over - nightnurse takes it. Get in touch to claim the usual prize.

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