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sheridan.jpgThe inevitable, although delayed, entry of Tommy Sheridan into the Big Brother house was announced in today's News of the World (which also covered our warm homes campaign, pleasingly, as did the SoS). 

A Channel 4 source is quoted as saying "He's our new George Galloway". Yes, precisely he is, in almost every way.

Once a credible politician, although too long ago for most people to remember: check. Then embroiled in scandal: check. Identifies as socialist, but primarily raving self-publicist: check. Hounded out of one discredited party, then formed another: check. Dodgy tan: check. 

If Channel 4 can make him do animal impressions too, it'll all be worth it.


You'd think Tommy would have learned his lessons when it comes to being caught on camera.

How is the hairy orange one, going to sneak the booze and prossies in past Davina's watchful eye?

There may be trouble ahead......

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