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robotphone.jpg"Hello. As a Liberal representative, your number has been specially selected to receive this important message. Living in Scotland I have had the gargantuan misfortune to have experienced eight years of misrule by Liberal Ministers, breaking countless promises on issues like the environment, planning, transport, and civil liberties." 

"We watched Liberal Transport Ministers in particular impose climate-busting motorways, ignoring local opposition and public inquiries alike. I also had to stomach English Liberals claiming that tuition fees had been abolished in Scotland, when your colleagues had merely renamed them and postponed the point of payment."

"I can only think of a single positive achievement by those Ministers - PR for local government, which helped me and many others elect Green councillors for the first time last year."

"Overall, the experience led me to conclude that I would be reluctant to vote Liberal even if you were the last party left on earth. Thank you for listening."


today's Steve Bell says it all

seen how the telephone is being used over by?

Just been listening to Clegg. . .

"There must be no third runway at Heathrow, no expansion of Stansted"

Didn't the Libs back the expansion of Manchester airport a few years ago?

"I want to see public transport expanded, with investment funded through charges on road haulage"

... so why support abolition of Forth road bridge tolls and oppose Edinburgh's congestion charging?

Of the cold calling, Lib Dem Chief Exec, Lord Rennard said "The aim was to "guide" them to the issues concerning voters in 50 seats that the party is campaigning hard to win or hold at the next election."

Is this not the clearest evidence yet that the Libs, more than any other party, is willing to change its policies purely to gain votes? Un-principled or what?

Why has it taken people so long to tumble to the Lib Dems?

Vacuous principle-free community-politics-by-numbers as even a cursory glance of the absolute rainforest of FUCUS leaflets shoved unsolicited through the letterbox will confirm.


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