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tennant.jpgTo no-one's great surprise, Patrick Harvie (pictured) has today put his name forward to succeed Robin as co-convenor of the party. 

More than one journalist observed that "Patrick Harvie Not To Run" would have been more newsworthy, but they will have to be disappointed.

Just to be clear about the process, the fact that we have only two MSPs for the next two years and seven months does not mean Patrick will automatically be selected. 

Unlike certain other parties I could mention, the ballots have to be issued, and any two party members in good standing may nominate another to stand.

With this in mind, I will remain scrupulously neutral, despite having a desk mere feet from Patrick's. As the role is co-convenor (male), I also get to use that much-deprecated phrase - may the best man win.


"any two party members in good standing"

What's that mean? More interestingly, who does it exclude?!

Nothing sinister, just that they have to have been party members continuously for a year. It excludes the newest members from nominating (or being nominated), unless the party's Council approves them especially, and it excludes people who don't pay their subs!

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