From Uzbekistan to Holyrood.

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craigmurray.jpgYou may know Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan until he was sacked for opposing torture (his version) or being drunk at work, misusing an FCO Range Rover, etc (their version).

His blog notes that while in Edinburgh yesterday he had a "Quick lunch with senior friends from the Scottish Lib Dems and SNP, to quietly forward agreement on the replacement of Council Tax by a local income tax."

This place was dripping with Liberals yesterday, up to The Clegg himself, but did anyone spot Craig? Or notice who he spoke to? I particularly like "quietly" there. I'm supportive of Craig's attitude on torture, naturally, but my view is that things I do quietly don't appear on my blog. 

Anyway, given the numbers, I'm surprised he didn't drop in and see us as well. Without a discussion beyond those two parties, abolishing the Council Tax simply will not happen. Which would be a shame..

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