Hail the Caledonian Mercury.

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caledonianmercurylogo.pngSomewhat earlier than planned, the Caledonian Mercury today joined Scotland's media firmament as a proper online newspaper. It's got everything a good newspaper needs, notably a proper chunk of Rab McNeil (or is that Robert?) and Hamish Macdonell writing off the Greens' prospects in Budget negotiations. At the risk of being slightly churlish that was the day we secured £10m for marine renewables through Stage 1.

The Mercury's editor, Stewart Kirkpatrick, was once in charge of the old (and superior) Scotsman website. He explained in August why someone should do what he's just done, and in January he went into a bit more detail on AllmediaScotland.

It's a brave move, even with the low costs associated with being only sparingly in print, and I'm sure everyone will wish them well. Even perhaps those who buy their ink in barrels. Tune in again at 5am for the Mercury's Monday exclusives.


"It's got everything a good newspaper needs...."

...except for news. Sorry, but it's really just a blog. A bit like The Independent. All opinion and essays and people who all talk to each other and think ordinary people want to hear what they think talking to each other, but no news stories, which is what I want.

The acid test is whether it will be readable and interesting a week from now. Most of it will, which is why it's not news.

Ah, but they've been running it as a dummy since early Jan, and you can't ask real journalists who also freelance elsewhere to hold their scoops. There's the odd one there now, but come back in a week or two and see if you still feel the same way.

However, I reckon Stewart would settle for "it's really just a blog. A bit like the Independent.'

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