Calling readers of good new Scottish blogs.

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BrownKissinger.pngThere's another blogawardfest in the offing, courtesy of the Scottish Roundup gang, of whom I am but a generally sleeping partner. 

I'm on the panel, though - there will be a panel vote and a readers' vote, but no union block vote - so I think it might be best to state now that if kindly nominated, I will decline. For real.

My personal hope for these awards is to find some new or largely unnoticed quality writing to fill the gaps in my RSS reader left by the demise of Wardog some great blogs, and for the "scene" to be strengthened with some new blood. Longer term, I think Scotland's political bloggers, collectively, should consider aiming at some more ambitious joint projects. This could be a great first step, and an enormous thank-you to the tireless Duncan Stephen for organising it. 


With you opting to decline any nods, I think the race for best Green blog has become much more open!

Thanks for the mention.... I think

And another thanks for the mention. One day perhaps.

I hope being one of the writers of a new Scottish blog doesn't preclude from mentioning it!

A few of us have set up the following website:

It's a new idea we think, certainly from the liberal angle. We're trying to build a readership and welcome all comments and advice people want to give!


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