The great backgammon challenge.

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gammonboard.jpgDavid Maddox is at it again on the Steamie, denigrating backgammon as "a random throw of a dice". Actually, it could hardly be a more appropriate training for politics. Henry Thoreau said: 

"All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or backgammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it."

Indeed, and a bet is called for. So here's the challenge. David: let's play seven games of backgammon, and if you win I'll write three hundred words here about why the Scotsman is the country's best newspaper. 

If I win, I'll need three hundred words on why one might consider voting Green. They can go on the Steamie, here as a guest post, or even in the actual Scotsman if you wish, and I'd be happy for you to explain that you don't mean it, you just lost a bet.

Tell you what, let's say you won the first game before we start. The board's in the cupboard behind me. Bring it on.

Update: Wonderful. The challenge has been accepted. See the comments.


I accept. Don't worry about the game's start. I won't be too hard on you.

Maybe Mr. Maddox should read "The Player Of Games" by Iain 'M' Banks.

All 'mechanistic' games (such as chess) will eventually inevitably be played better by computers rather than humans. They also remove the element of risk arising from that which cannot be known/predicted, which is an inevitable part of life.

So not only are they restricted in scope, they don't actually teach us the most useful lessons.

And they're less fun, too.


That's my argument, only better made, and referencing one of my favourite books!

Andy FTW.

It does beg the question James, what do you think IS the country's best newspaper?

Jeff, I'm professionally neutral on the subject, just as Mr Maddox is professionally neutral about the political parties. Hence the spice of forced compromise!

Fair enough. Sounds like Guardian to me though....

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