Welcoming Debra Storr to the Greens.

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debrakayak.jpgDebra Storr, erstwhile Lib Dem Councillor, enthusiastic kayaker, and staunch defender of local residents against rapacious developers, has put in her form to join the Greens. Her website has gone very green as well, but, like Martin Ford, she'll stay as part of the Democratic Independent Group on Aberdeenshire Council. She says: 

"I urge others disgusted at the failure of political leadership amongst current elected representatives in the north-east to join me in the Scottish Green Party as a first step to giving the north-east a better set of representatives for the future." 

It's great - that will take us to ten Councillors who are also Greens. I've really enjoyed being Martin's colleague, and I'm looking forward to working with Debra too. 

I wonder if the bookies are offering odds on a Green MSP being returned again for the North East in 2011?


I'm surprised you're so happy to have genetically modified Greens in the party James. I would have thought you would have wanted the 'organic' kind ;)

This is what organic growth looks like, fret not.

More rejoicing over the sinner who has repented...

Oh come one Jeff, keep up. Surely you remember that only last month he tried to grab and electorally modify the top two Lib Dem bloggers in Scotland.

Surely it is clear that James is not beyond having a broad church of Greeness in the SGP ranks, even by genetic modification. ;)

All I can say is it's a pity our party has managed to contrive to lose such a good 'un.

That's true, we're broader than the average church, and personally I regard Debra's former colleagues in the Lib Dem group up there as the sinners in need of repentance! They're beyond "electoral modification", I fear.

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