Greens win in Brighton.

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alexphillips2.jpgThe Tories started today running Brighton and Hove Council, but the local Greens just took a ward off them in a by-election. Congratulations to the local team, outstanding work, and to new Councillor Phillips. This should be an end to the highly undemocratic Cabinet-only system of government in the area.

The ward's not in Brighton Pavilion, our English colleagues' best target seat, but you know this helps in so many ways. You can still get 2-1 on Caroline Lucas to win. I've got a little at 7-2, but that was a while ago.

Here's the actual result. The missing numbers in the change are from an independent who didn't restand.
Green: 1456 (40%, +18%)
Tory: 1104 (30%, +1%)
Lab: 816 (22%, -5%)
Liberal: 280 (8%, -8%)


Any excuse to run the photo again, eh James?

Good result James, interesting times ahead for Brighton and the Green parry by the looks of it.

But are you sure that isn't Michaela Strachan?

Hey, that's a different photo! And Jeff, it must be time for your eye-test..

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