Night of the long knives, self-harm edition.

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bloodbath.jpgInteresting times. Yesterday's departure of the Home Secretary (finally confirmed by her on camera today), plus two other junior ministers, has been followed by Hazel Blears, and presumably Darling will go on Friday or Monday at the latest. 

Caroline Flint could be next, according to totally baseless rumours I've heard, while Sky News says Labour backbenchers are circulating the "Go now! Give me an outside chance to save my seat!". Well you would, wouldn't you?

It's Labour's death by a thousand cuts, it's an early bloodbath, it's a self-harm version of the night of the long knives, and things can only get gorier.


gor(d)ier, shurely?

can Bell keep the bath meme up until a Marat denouement early next week?

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