Greens ahead of the Lib Dems across the UK.

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Numbers just out from ComRes* put us in a great position UK-wide. I couldn't resist a bar chart, although I refuse to label it "Only Greens can win here".
Jeff and others always love their Scottish subsamples, so here are the eye-popping Scottish numbers for your delecation.
That's right, it shows us in third, ahead of the Lib Dems and the Tories. It's a small sample, and it's only a poll, so no-one get complacent, mm'kay?

* note: our Green colleagues down south commissioned the poll, so feel free to tell me the customer is always right.


Nice work - how much do you need to get an MEP in Scotland? Could this be Elaine's year?

Very promising indeed James, nice work. A Green MEP would be an awesome boost for you folks and dare I say it, long overdue.

£10 bet is on, feel free to direct me to buy an Asian village a barrel of worms or something environmentally worthy if you don't want the cold hard cash in the event that you win.

Jim, this would see the seats elected as follows:
1. SNP
2. Labour
3. Green
4. SNP
5. Tory
6. Labour

A 2% swing from Labour to the Liberals would be sufficient to put the Liberals into the last slot instead of Labour

And cheers Jeff, you guys look sure to be clearly top, so I assume SNP wouldn't be too disappointed with it.

Did I mention it's just a bit of fun, though?

Don't know how the budget/Patrick stuff still rankles with the Nationalists in the Parliament but I would imagine they'd much prefer a Green MEP than a Labour or Lib Dem on there.

All a bit of fun though, of course.

All a bit of fun, yes, although I was sad to see when I looked at the online d'hondt calculator (fun for all the family) that it is nigh on impossible to rid Scotland of the Tories... keep trying - their time will come!

Not come across the word 'rankle' for a while. Nice one SNP tactical voter, it's been sadly absent from public discourse for some time.

I suggest that the SNP might be rankled enough already though with their two current MEPs being minor members of a much larger Green/EFA Group of MEPs in the European Parliament. And on the subject of cold hard cash, they're probably feeling a little bit potentially ranklable too given their proximity to the expenses system in Brussels, but that's another story.

Green votes count in this election and that's all there is to it. Here's to a good old fashioned rankling on Thursday. Mon the Greens!

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