If you fall off your bike, Gordon, get right back on it.

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browngrins.pngAfter this weekend's fascinating bout of nutty New Labour Kremlinology (honestly, paraphrasing the Lady, how perfect), it's surprising to see the Prime Minister back on Youtube, this time giving us misinformation about economics instead of allowances. He's clearly been told that hiding from the internet wouldn't work, and that another quick video would lance the boil. 

It may help to do so, but it's an odd watch all the same. The girning and grinning has generally been replaced with an undertaker-like tone, that odd fusion of gloom and the desire to sell you something.

The illusory triumph of the G20 is disinterred (specifically the way they beat the recession, not the protesters), although surely that just reminds everyone that a month is a helluva long time in politics. The video shows off Obama standing next to Brown over and over again, as if Labour have forgotten how that image is a contrast, not a credible association.

Above all, though, it's the same Brownite hand-waving we've been putting up with for months and months now. It's an "international recession", as if none of the scale of it can be attributed to his irresponsible Chancellorship. It's Labour growth (!) versus Tory cuts, we're told, when the real difference between them is massive Labour borrowing and cuts in the future or Tory cuts now.

315 people have watched the video so far, but more will come, expecting another car crash like the allowances show. It's not that bad, he's back on the bike, but it's still pretty painful. This is clearly a man who hates his life, who's got where he wanted to be but doesn't have any idea what to do with it. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

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