"Blogging": unacceptable. Assault: we'll see.

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hatebook.jpgA Royal Protection Officer has just resigned for posting the following callous and unpleasant comment on Facebook after the death of Ian Tomlinson:

"I see my lot have murdered someone again. Oh well, shit happens."

I can't imagine where he picked up these liberal attitudes from, although he's probably spent a fair amount of time hanging around Princes Phillip and Harry. The Met's incoherent response included the following line:

"The Metropolitan Police Service makes its position clear on employee's (sic) use of blogging sites within its standard operating procedures."

So, get caught out on Facebook, which ain't a blog incidentally, and you've got to go. Get caught on camera committing actual violence? A late suspension, so far, but you'd be brave to bet on conviction or dismissal, or even on an actual charge being brought.

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