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Today's News of the World was certainly worth a read, amongst the other good, bad and indifferent coverage of the Budget process from my perspective. 

In it, Euan McColm described Patrick as "head and shoulders above Holyrood's lobby fodder", "a big player who must be taken seriously", and says withdrawal of support from the Budget "was EXACTLY the right thing to do" (tabloid capitalisation, not mine). 

The piece starts by pointing out how he's only 5 foot 5. To my amusement, when Euan asked for that stat, Patrick didn't know, so we had to measure him by comparing him to Green councillors at a meeting until we found one about the right height.

It's not online, like much of the paper (an exception is the November profile of Patrick), so here's a scan. Click for a larger version.



Euan McColm should have known that Patrick was 5 foot 5, journalists these days, I don't know....

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