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patrickthinking.jpgAt 6 this morning, I warned that the SNP were in danger of leaving this Budget too late, and so it turned out. Personally I think none of the parties should feel pleased with the outcome, and we certainly don't. 

Some of the analysis blames us - the Scotsman tomorrow apparently think only the SNP and the Greens voted, and their headline is curious to say the least. 

Alan Cochrane thinks no-one ever voted for a Green MSP, which is odd, because I distinctly remember voting for Robin Harper three times. One time I even got Mark Ballard as a bonus, because enough other people did the same thing. 

The Herald take a more measured approach, while Magnus Linklater argues that ".. the SNP leadership made the mistake of taking Mr Harvie for granted. They left the last-minute dealing to the last minute, and presumed too much." 

Turning to the blogs, cybernat opinion roasts us, while the more reasonable end of the Nat blogosphere takes the opposite view, with some reservations. The Liberals are blaming the Nats, with some support for our position, while Labour also remain focused on the SNP.

When the hysteria passes, it should be remembered that we proposed a scheme which we think would cost just £100m a year. It would have made (and may yet make) a massive contribution to cutting fuel poverty and climate change emissions, to reducing household bills and to boosting employment. 

It's a lot of money for energy efficiency, but a relative drop in the overall budgetary ocean. A third of one percent of the coming year's spending, actually. Let me know if you think that sounds unreasonable.

On a more personal note, I'd like to thank the ever-suitable Suitably Despairing for his concern, his support, and his suggestion I put a cold flannel over my forehead. He quotes David Maddox, talking about me, saying I look like I've "never known stress like this in his life". 

David, I can assure you that's not true. I spent three years as press officer for the Parliament itself, working for the first two Presiding Officers, specialising in the "thrilling masterpiece" we both work in. It takes more than this for me to consider throwing in the towel.


what's for us'l no go by us. stick in there, old son. did the EU money even get to figure on the back of the envelope?

The Green proposals are a sensible investment - especially with our climate up here in Scotland.
This is a good long term alternative to doling out winter payments to pensioners.
Nobody wants to argue with money for pensioners - but winter payments aren't money for pensioners in the long term - they're a short term fix which uses taxpayer money to pay for overpriced heating to stop the elderly from living in fuel poverty.
This of course, cyclically end up back in the pockets of the industries who are polluting and holding consumers to ransom with fuel prices in the first place. This is merely tax payers' money, passing through pensioners, direct to the price gouging energy suppliers.
It's not rocket science is it? Insulate their homes once, spend less on heating them forever!

Good stuff - stick to your guns.

Mind you I'd keep quiet about the voting three times thing, otherwise people will find out how we cheat at election times.

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