Insulation for all.

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warmscotland.pngAs regular readers will know, we want to see SNP Ministers adopt our free insulation proposals as part of this year's budget process. 

We are basing our plan on the successful experience in Kirklees, where Green Councillors ensured that loft and cavity wall insulation is delivered area-by-area for free: more expensive measures are repaid by householders when the property is sold.

The campaign has had a lot of media attention (Scotsman, Guardian, TimesHerald, Record, who also gave us an editorial endorsement!), etc, and the first vote on the Budget comes tomorrow. Nails are being bitten all round.

We have a wee stand-alone campaign site up at, which also has been promoted on the back of the Big Issue for the last three editions. If you like the idea, and you want to see Ministers back it, you can sign up to the campaign there.

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