"I would love to see Brown and David Cameron going at it with laser cannons".

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optimus.jpgThe Record reports Gordon Brown's latest moment of striking honesty on the radio. Apparently he wants to meet, or possibly hire, Optimus Prime, a Transformer and one of the weirdest sci-fi characters ever, half robot, half truck. 

A few quick thoughts. This makes Patrick's desire to be Doctor Who seem much more mundane. If Gordon's next book on heroism is about fictional sci-fi heroes, I might even buy it. Also, bear this in mind the next time you hear the PM talk about his plans to transform the economy.

The comment in the title is from a listener, and I wholeheartedly endorse it.


Patrick wants to be Doctor Who? Schism in the Green group as Robin's scarf mysteriously disappears ...

The title of my blog should be a sufficient answer to this issue.

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