Forth Crossing: new design unveiled.

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I take this headline from one of the latest crop of Nat bloggers, all identifiable by their Scotsman cybernat identities. Wardog gets very excited about the fact that this would be the only "long span cable-stay bridge in the world to have central crossed cables". To translate, this is the only big bridge announced by the SNP, making it the world's best bridge by definition for this crowd.

Here's the pic the SNP bloggers are afraid to print:

What's a worse waste of money than a white elephant? Three white elephants!


What exactly are you proposing as an alternative?

Do you have an alternative?

I agree with Stewart Stevenson to this extent - the existing bridge can be repaired. It can also certainly be done for a fraction of the cost of a new structure. Dehumidification, costing around £10m, will almost certainly work. If not, recabling at a cost of up to £122m will definitely work.

Given that, there's simply no need for a second road crossing over the eastern Forth to add to the three other road bridges to the west. We could save billions, billions we will undoubtedly need for the far more urgent problems that surround us.

You've missed out one fundamental point, no heavy lorries would be able to travel over the existing bridge after 2014......

The dehumidification is going ahead, that's what is going to keep the bridge active for use as a passenger railway and public transport corridor.

It will effectively double the rail capacity north from Edinburgh, not to mention provide a reliable bus service to Fife.

You'll have to define what you mean by 'urgent problems'.....

We're talking about £2Billion for a major infrastruature project required on the grounds of safety and to keep the economy north of the forth going, not to mention increasing sustainable and reliable forms of transport in the process.

James, I'm no petrol head, indeed, I don't even drive, I use trains and buses ALL of the time from rural services to intercity and GNER to London.

Yes, more investment is required but to do so, we must ensure the economy is transformed and that business comes with us on that journey.

I recognise the need for the bridge proposals as brought forward by the SNP as a good compromise balancing the need for car drivers and public transport and doing so in a relatively sustainable way.

It is required and this is the best solution.

PS I sincerely hope that the greens get a major part of their insulation programme idea through, even if it's just pilots. It will REALLY be crucial to tackling Co2 with the built environment producing 70% of emissions.

Hi wardog,
No, John Swinney told Parliament that heavy goods vehicles ban would only be if the bridge cannot be repaired, which we have now been told is not the case by his colleague Mr Stevenson.

Besides, shouldn't we be moving heavy goods to rail and to the Kincardine etc? Except perhaps for some loads destined for East Fife, surely that makes more sense?

And there has also been no confirmation by the Scottish Government that they would get rail onto the old bridge - so far it's identified for cyclists and bus users, meaning no upgrade. We suspect the aim is to "concede" to drivers that they should get access again, and that the "public-transport-only" pledge would last about a month. A rail line would obviously get in the way of that.

Still, thanks for the vote of confidence in the insulation programme. If the experience in Kirklees is anything to go by, the administration can expect a good share of the credit from a Green idea, so everyone's a winner.

What is wrong with the fourth bridge? Whenever I pass, it is all quite and easy. I did not know that you needed a bridge at all.

What is wrong with the fourth bridge? Whenever I pass, it is all quite and easy. I did not know that you needed a bridge at all.

It's exactly the same for me...

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