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computerhammer.jpgIf you're still using Internet Explorer for any godforsaken purpose whatsoever, please stop now. The latest security flaws compound more than a decade's worth of abject failure. 

Relying on IE after all this is akin to a psychological disorder. It's the security equivalent of taping your password to your laptop and tippexing your pin number onto your credit card.

Which makes me wonder why the Scottish Parliament's IT people force all but the most inventive denizens of the building to use it. You should hear the screeching about security when you run something safer or better. Even Westminster's ahead of us here.

Nevertheless, some brave souls, including at least one Minister to my certain knowledge, manage to work around it. Their computers are safer, more reliable, and faster. Their browsers do useful things, like open in tabs, or block insane flashing adverts that are designed to distract you from your work. Their machines no longer cry out to be smashed into a thousand tiny pieces, apart from those still running Windows.

So, anyone working in a restrictive corporate IT environment who wants to know how to move away from IE, drop me a line. Discretion assured.


Local councils all seem to be the same, from what I gather. Hence schools too. Nightmare.

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