Nick Clegg: right about something.

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potatohead.gifPass round the smelling salts. Pinch me. Nick Clegg is correct about something.

One of the Liberals' biggest donors - and no, I don't mean the fraudster - has ditched the party over tax. I initially assumed the sticking point would be Clegg's nonsense about cutting the basic rate, but no, this moron wants them to cut taxes even more on the rich, provided the poor also pay less. This would leave public services paid for by, well, I don't know, but that's not his problem.

A Liberal spokesperson is quoted in the Times piece as saying:

"Lord Jacobs's wider proposals do not stand up to economic or political scrutiny."

I agree, they don't. Neither do the party's unfunded tax cuts either, but Lord Spud-u-like appears to have found an even more absurd position. Off to the Tories with you! 

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