Patrick interviewed.

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patrickharvie.jpgThe Times and Holyrood Magazine have two great interviews with Patrick out today. He's described in the first as "the man to watch", and Charlene Sweeney notes that "in the next few months Mr Harvie will, more than ever, need the resolve that has propelled him to the top". No problem there: I can reassure readers that Patrick is pretty much made of resolve..

Mandy Rhodes' much longer Holyrood interview is also worth a read. It quotes the Daily Mail's magnificently awful description of him from 2003: "the voice of the irresponsible, left led, anti-family, anti-Christian, gay whales against the bomb coalition". 

One of those occasions where it's hard to tell the Mail from the Mash parodies thereof, I reckon.


Good picture in The Times. Very Avengers.

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