Landshare backed in Parliament.

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Yesterday in Parliament Patrick asked the Minister for Energy Enterprise and Tourism if the Scottish Goverment would support the Landshare campaign, promoted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, who's apparently a television personality of some sort. 

The scheme takes unused and publicly-owned land, and makes it available to community groups for allotments, community gardens and greenspaces. It's a virtually free way to help people save money, grow healthy local food, and get to know their neighbours. Around the country there are massive waiting lists for allotments, so it makes perfect sense. You can sign up online at the Channel 4 site.

The response from the Scottish Government was pretty positive, and here's a clip of Patrick discussing the proposal on this morning's GMS. 

Nina Baker, one of Glasgow's Green Councillors, got the city to back the idea for their area last month. Here's STV's coverage of her good work, and here's the Evening Times piece.


some consistently sceptical line of questioning there, that you don't often hear ...w-da-f... get the scottish hacks on a junket to Havana

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