Eleanor and Patrick.

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EleanorScottPure.pngThe people have spoken. Well, the Green people have, anyway, and so our two co-conveners for the next year will be Patrick Harvie and Eleanor Scott, once and hopefully future Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands (shown left with a hydrogen car in a proper 1970s motor show pose). 

Patrick had the easier job, standing unopposed, but still needed a positive vote. I thought that was pretty likely..

Eleanor is a level head, Green to her core, and I've campaigned with her for years (including a notable balloon non-release in Munlochy). We're in good hands with the pair of them, not that it's exactly leadership like other parties do it. I think it'll be a good year.

Also, I'm now the party's communications coordinator, making me officially responsible for press for the voluntary party, for the newsletter and for the website. Plenty to be going on with. Your views are welcome.

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