Vegans: what do they eat?

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The following image is an authentic summary by Marvel of the lifestyle and habits of Vegans. It's just not clear to me why it doesn't tell us what they eat, although they are from the Milky Way, so I'm assuming a lot of dairy..



Was this a serious question? I couldn't be sure, but because you do not seem to know:

Vegans eat pretty much everything, as long as it doesn't contain animal products (i.e. milk, meat, eggs, whey, casein, gelatin). The diet of a vegan is generally much more diverse in color and style than a standard American diet, which is mostly brown in color. Vegans tend to eat culturally, using Indian spices, Mexican and Asian influences, and often local creations to keep a diverse and healthful dietary regimen.

Notice the muscularity of the drawing. Most vegans have healthy body weights and decent muscle mass, which makes them more attractive to the opposite sex. (:

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