Greening Canada.

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elizabethmay.jpgThe Canadian election is today, and Elizabeth May, the leader of our sister party over there, is standing in a constituency which coincidentally includes New Glasgow. If she wins, I'm going to suggest formally twinning her with Patrick.

They have to work with a first past the post system, so any victories are a long shot, but not impossible - May herself is just seven points behind in her area. 

One of the pleasures about joining in the Greens is being part of a global movement like this, and having a direct interest in almost every election. I wonder if SNP supporters are urging on the Bloc Québécois?


Of course in Canada they have federal funding, which, I understand, turned the Green Party of Canada's fortunes around.

I'd forgetten this was coming up. Let's hope for at least one MP, am wondering if the slightly worrying Green Bench Crosser Blair Wilson will get re-elected. Probably not, eh?

If she wins, I'm going to suggest formally twinning her with Patrick

Being Canadian, don't you think she's suffered enough??!

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