Like the SNP, only Alaskan.

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shotgunabstinence.JPGIt turns out that Sarah Palin used to back the Alaskan Independence Party, logo: polar bear. Presumably she left because they were too pro-polar bear and insufficiently in favour of warming the globe. Or maybe they believed in sex education.

Anyway, I didn't know they had a nationalist party. Perhaps that's why Malcolm's so keen on her and McCain.



I do support John McCain for President this is true. I also think his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate for the election was a tremendous move - electorally speaking.

However, I challenge you to find something on my blog which suggests I like her politics. Pictures of her do not count.


Well, you did say "she is a smart choice". You'll note I didn't say "Perhaps that's why Malcolm's so convinced by her policy platform."

Fair do-s I suppose.

She is a smart choice - she will win McCain the votes he'd lose among more 'conservative' Republicans who see him as too moderate. She also - and this is debateable - may win over some of Hillary's supporters who think that it is time a women got into the White House. Estimates range from 1/6 to 1/3 of her supporters casting glances towards the McCain-Palin ticket.

Surely you must agree that it was a smart move from the McCain campaign though - whether you agree with her politics or not...

Well, it'd be smart if they'd vetted her properly,, perhaps.

And a cynical attempt to pick up discredited Hillaryites doesn't look that magisterial to me: what will she bring to government, if elected? If he'd picked a bloke with that level of experience he'd have been slaughtered by the media, which tells you what's important to him about this pick..

That his party is achieving gender balancing?

Remember, it's Alaska's oil ;-)

And they're Alaska's moose too, of course. Mooses. Whatever.

(also, when I said "discredited" above, I meant "disaffected" - apologies for that Freudian slip!)

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