No betting on Ross.

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captmainwaring.jpgRumours of shifting Liberal opinion started spreading earlier this month, with Tavish Scott being described as high-handed, furious with Ross Finnie for even standing, and offering no progress on their current situation. Mike Rumbles remains the outsider's outsider, but Finnie looked like a good bet. 

With this in mind, on the 12th of August, I asked William Hill if they would offer odds on the Liberal contest, and I was told that "the odds compiler has informed us that we do want to bet on Scottish Lib Dem leader, but the market is not been compiled yet".

Having seen nothing, I chased it up, and was today told that "We have forwarded your request to our Compilers who have now confirmed that we will not be offering these prices. A business desicion has been made not to offer betting on this market."

Why the change? Insufficient interest? Is it too hard for bookies to make any prediction about what this volatile electorate will do? Either way, my tenner remains unstaked.

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