In space, everyone can hear you Twitter.

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marsphoenix.jpgThe young Greens seem to have converged on Twitter like bees, but I'm resisting it. As one of them put it to me, it's like Facebook boiled down to status updates. 

No thank you. I don't want to read anyone else's minutiae, nor do I believe mine could possibly be of interest to anyone else. 

Not like a blog..

And that's even though you apparently get election results five minutes before everyone else. And even though Mars Phoenix is twittering actually from Mars. (yes, yes, I know, it's just like Father Christmas actually answering letters)


Aha, but there you miss the beauty. Twitter, is all about linking to something relevant - your new blog entry, an interesting story, or whatever. As such, it provides a list of highlights of things to look at for the day...

Although I do stand by my facebook comment.

I think you’re wrong about Twitter. Maybe it’s a bit of fun, sending links, maybe it’s just quick and easier than RSS. I like the fact I can use it to update my Facebook status.

Give it a try before assuming the worst.

Maybe, maybe. I resisted mobile phones for ages, back in the 90s, and it took me a long while to admit I wanted a blog. Perhaps I'll look back in six months and wonder why I resisted Twitter. But currently it does feel like life's too short.

When you say the young greens, do you mostly just mean adam, tom and gary?

I find RSS pretty easy - it's just pressing a space bar, and occasionally pressing return - is twitter really easier? maybe I will have to see what it's all about after all.


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