Foxy 1, Liberals 0.

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foxy.jpgIn case you're wondering what Liberal MPs get up to in their spare time, I'd like to draw your attention to the following spurious complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency. It was made by Don Foster, their so-called Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

He disputed an advert for Foxy Bingo (Foxy seen left with the ever-classy Jordan) which offered free money to play bingo with on the traditional "hey kids, first sample free" basis. 

Except not kids, because, well, it's bingo.

Have a look at the third paragraph of the assessment, in which the ASA show how players either lose their free tenner or get to take their winnings out. Shouldn't a Shadow Secretary of State have been able to work that out? Do real Secretaries of State do stuff like this? Why am I even wasting my time writing about it?

Update: I recommend the following judgement against "Margaret". Now there's some unsubstantiated claims!

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