A grim tale involving asbestos.

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rosyth.jpgLast week, at John Macdougall's funeral, Labour high heidyins mingled with his family. 

They included Des Browne, top Minister at the War Office, and therefore ultimately responsible for the decision to deny John Macdougall compensation for his asbestos-related lung cancer. 

He had worked with the stuff at the Navy's dockyard in Rosyth many years ago, and it killed him, eventually. 

Last November, having had that compensation claim rejected by Browne's Ministry, he started legal proceedings against the Government, but died before it could come to court.

Only the Sunday Times appears to have the story so far

In Glasgow East, the Labour candidate and the Labour campaign tried to distance themselves from David Marshall and his unusual approach to expenses. In Glenrothes they'd planned to associate themselves with a man many admired. But the truth is less convenient for them.

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