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kenmachete.jpgThe week Wendy quit I singled out three Labour MSPs as outside candidates for the leadership, none of whom had expressed any public interest in standing. I see from Friday's Herald that one of them, Ken Macintosh (seen here with a machete), is launching a campaign. There are plenty of issues where I don't agree with Ken, but he's bright and normal, and it always surprised me that Labour First Ministers never gave him a job. 

This isn't an endorsement, obviously, but I'm pleased to see him come into the race. Just so you know, you heard it here first. (disclaimer: I was press officer for the Parliament when Ken was on the Art Group)

Update: SNP Tactical Voting says he scooped me. Fair play. I didn't see his original post, and I think it's a bit ambiguous, but sure, he mentioned Ken in this context before I did.  


Well, given I made a much more specific claim on July 1st, I am afraid you're wide of the mark there James.

When are Patricia Ferguson and Lewis MacDonald throwing their hats in the ring?

I don't see the ambiguity but thanks for the update.

Hope you're enjoying this by-election drama...!

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