Where's Michael Brown?

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Mbrown.jpgThe Liberals' largest ever donor, Michael Brown, is on the run. He gave the party £2.4m, which funded half of their entire 2005 campaign, but the money was dubious to say the least. 

Not because he wasn't registered as a UK voter, because the Electrical Commission let them off that particular offence - how jealous Scottish Labour must be. No, the problem was a serious allegation against Mr Brown of fraud against HSBC.

I'm sure he's not absconded, and that all this confusion will be cleared up shortly. Perhaps he's been sent off to campaign in some of the new Liberal target seats?

As a footnote, his logic for donating was that he backed Charles Kennedy, but "not the muppets who purport to serve him". I imagine he's stopped donating now the muppets are in charge.

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