Subtitles for the politically illiterate.

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miliband.jpgThis is how I read Miliband's article as well. Some of it is very blatant indeed, not even requiring beginners' New Labour Kremlinology.

Watching his press conference is enlightening too. Check out how badly he's restraining his glee around 1:30 in that clip. 

He should perhaps remember Heseltine's Law: he who wields the knife never wears the crown. Not that there's much crown left.

Update - Morland nails it for the Times.


I always liked Heseltine. I often wonder what if?

Have you ever seen the christmas/summer special episodes of 'The Thick Of It'?

Who could Dan Miller be?

Oh, it's true. The squash-loving, almost-ambitious, too-good-to-be-true Minister. Good spot.

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