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SNP.jpgI have previously suggested that Salmond sees himself more as President to Swinney's PM than he does as First Minister. However, a leaflet I got through the door a while ago suggests an alternative interpretation (click for a larger image).

Leaving aside the fact that the couple shown are a little, shall we say, divergent in ages, I spotted that the wee banknote on the right shows a Salmond vision of the future, with Her Maj's face replaced by Wee Eck's. The Bank of Scotland, whose note the Nats have "improved", normally use Sir Walter Scott. 

Does Salmond have literary aspirations? I doubt it. His vanity is 100% political.

The more likely comparison is with the Bank of England. Their notes, unlike the Scottish imprints, do feature a living person on them: the Queen. Perhaps President isn't the limit of Salmond's ambitions come independence.


The analysis here is a touch trite - I'm saying this while fully cognisant of the general high standard of analysis that gusts under and across the Two Doctors breeks (the lentil slop quotient is consistently high...has the local grain store been warned about Thursday yet?)

Other than the SNP's very unfortunate transport and oil utopia intentions, do the Greens just not get Salmond, shilling for shilling the most able politician of his generation in Europe, or whit? Is it just envy? Is the sniffiness about SNP cyber-soldiers also part of a particular green with envy-ness? It may not be pretty but since when has politics been about aesthetics....other than the Kantian sublime achieved by La Cicciolina ??

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