Busman's holiday in Glasgow East.

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DrEileenDuke.jpgSo yesterday I took the first of several days off from my job (see above) to go and help out with the Green campaign in Glasgow East. We have an excellent candidate in Dr Eileen Duke (left), 25 years a GP in the city and ever so sensible.

I was particularly amused to put her onto the Daily Mail so they could ask her how she felt about the role she might play in finishing Gordon Brown's career. "New Labour has run its course", she said. How true.

Anyway, it was a day off because I obviously couldn't be paid for Parliamentary work when out campaigning; a proper busman's holiday. And that then meant that the odd MSP-related call I took then also became volunteer work. Lucky I love the job so much..


you're in danger of becoming as inscrutably cynical as central and eastern European environmentalists with this paean to the good job.

how were the "deserts wi windaes" (any pics - this blog needs more pics from real life innit), and shouldn't Dr Duke and fellow stumpers be stoatin aboot wi green hooped taps for the occasion? green and orange hoops mind, seein as the time of the year

Pics from life is a good suggestion, Edge, but so much of politics is pretty unphotogenic (not naming any MSPs). The exception is the odd actual photo-op, but that wouldn't be very bloggy. I've got one in mind to go up, though, a pic taken in the SNP press office that amuses me at least!

Does "paean" trump "cynical"? I hope so.

Glasgow never fails to fascinate me, and the East End in particular reminds me of New York more than Edinburgh (two of my three favourite cities, as you know, so not a diss). I was surprised to see the following shop front, though.

Mr Sheen country with that CFC thong looking thing there in the windae...yes, more real life photos, even if it's just shots of carpet in the corridors of power

Anyway, all hyperventilating aside, the Torygraph has Labour ahead 47-33 over the SNP; depends how friable that 47% is, though (insert Lorne Sausage joke here). Liberals on 9, Tories 7 (though I bet you the FUCKUS leaflets are still claiming that only the Liberals can beat Labour here).

You're right about SNP commentators and name changing/calling on newspaper comments pages and message boards. My personal favourite from this morning's Sunday herald article was "ZaNuLab".

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