Did I just imagine that?

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orangutan.jpegOr did ITV put an advert for a betting company in over the actual play in Italy vs Holland? Jeez, is that even legal? If so, and I didn't imagine it, I've got a special room in hell for the adman who proposed it and the legislators who agreed it: adverts will be shown on the back of their eyelids 24/7.

Update: apparently it did happen. Coincidence? I think not!


Hi James
How's life over in the capital? Anyway, I, like you, was completely appalled by that bit of ruthless advertising- IS NOTHING SACRED??!!

I can't believe my first post on this blog is about football...

Hi Stuart, all's well, apart from the pure evil discussed above. And I'm pleased for the Dutch, even if their first was "slightly" dodgy.

I can only presume that the linesman was reading a good novel at the time...

I can't help feeling like this came about through a bet at some ITV exec's party. There wasn't another one, and I can just imagine the ad-men giggling away this morning after "getting away with it". Another point is that I was sure it was an advert for a betting website! Like you say- pure evil.

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