What the end of the world looks like

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chilevolcano1.jpgI keep meaning to write about the endless contortions and disasters that the Labour Party have wrought since Wendy's rush of blood to the head. Countless drafts got binned because they were out of date within hours.

One says "for a party that pushed through the ban on foxhunting, Labour are very keen to shoot this so-called Nationalist fox". Then they weren't so keen. Then they were again. I won't bore you with the other drafts that got superceded by yet more u-turns, bickering and confusion.

However, based on conversations around and about, it's clear that things are, if you can imagine this, actually even worse inside Labour than they look from the outside. I thought of them when I saw the amazing pic (above) of lightning striking a volcano in Chile. Click it for a bigger image. I thought: that's what the end of the world looks like. If I had to choose one image to sum up their situation it's this, not Wendy with her head in her hands or even pulling this face in her weird FMQ baby smock.

chilevolcano2.jpgWendy's triggered this apocalypse, and those of us who think the Labour party long ago ceased to be a force for progressive politics must welcome her apparent attempt to destroy it. I can only hope that whatever rises from the ashes is something more principled, more responsive to Scotland, perhaps more interested in social justice. It'll take a while, I imagine.

The second pic is what Scottish Labour look like from space, incidentally.

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