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2guys.jpgYesterday the California Supreme Court did the right thing and legalised gay marriage. Even The Governator won't oppose it any more, so it should be safe, despite a ballot counter-proposal in November.

For me this is a litmus test of a good society, just proper equality (even if, as in Massachusetts, it means the occasional lesbian complaining that her granny's nagging her to get married: equality really is equality, sorry!).

My flatmate calls discriminatory legislation "code smell", being a dork. You look at software, and if parts of it smell funny, in more or less obvious ways, there's probably something more fundamental wrong. Less so, now, in California.


These laws do demonstrate that there is something more fundamentally wrong, and although the California ruling is positive there is still much to do.

Other "code smells" or frankly discriminatory laws include the 14 states that currently have anti-sodomy laws and the few where vibrators are still illegal.

Or even worse, there are States where oral sex is illegal. This country is the hub of a multi-billion dollar porn industry! Weird. Here's an interesting related article on American law being based on 'sin'.

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