Mountgrange tied the Council's hands

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disaster.jpgSo the developers have admitted they offered the Council a share in the profits purely to make sure this abomination went through.

Mountgrange bought some council-owned land around the site it owned, a former bus garage, which was due to be developed. The council will receive a small share of the profits from the site. 'It was done to make sure the council didn't sell us short,' says Berry. 'It only has a passive involvement.' (Property Week)

As the article notes, though, this is also the reason why the project will have to come to Ministers for approval, and why campaigners are hopeful a full public local inquiry will be called. The role of the SNP will be vital. Their local MSPs are campaigning against it, but their councillors are voting for it. Classic Liberal-type behaviour: perhaps the local coalition is having that effect on them?


I cannot believe that despite the objection of every civic group in the city, the world heritage people, the personal opposition of locals from every spectrum of political opinion this might still go ahead. All because the council doesn't want edinburgh to be seen as not open for business - or in other words the council have been bribed (not as individuals, but corporately) and will go with the money...

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