Cameron goes the wrong way

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cameronhusky.jpgAs you might imagine, "Dave" Cameron's photo-op deep environmentalism is intensely annoying around these parts. Especially when he argues for nuclear power, for hunting, or calls wind turbines "giant bird blenders". 

Gallingly, though, I think being caught going the wrong way up a one-way street on his bike is not going to damage him. It reminds all those people he's trying to win over (we call them Lib Dem voters) that he does cycle, and perhaps sometimes without a driver following on behind. If I was an utter cynic I'd suggest his team even tipped off the Mirror, sunbathing-celeb-style.

Most annoying, though, is the fact that it leads to headlines like this.


'Green' party leader? *boke*

I'd also like to remind everyone that despite their fresh new women-friendly compassionate conservatism (sic) they continue the great tradition of socially conservative views on marriage and access to abortion services. Funny how they get their 'policy groups' to go out and reform the Party and they all come back with exactly the same reactionary guff they've always had.

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