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QuestionMarks.jpgHere's a round of idiocy and point-missing for you. Iain Smith (Liberal) calls on Stagecoach to reduce their fares now the tolls have gone. Now, he says he's worried about the increased car usage from this marginal change in costs, even though he joined his Liberal chums in voting to cut the tolls. We were told by them that a marginal change wouldn't affect people's habits, so that's why it was OK. If you look closely enough at the Liberals you will find inconsistencies everywhere, so no surprise there.

Then the Stagecoach spokesman says it won't affect fares anyway because the Scottish Government froze the grants which keep fares down. Except, of course, that the Greens' budget deal meant it got almost a 7% increase, not counting inflation. Liberal talk achieves nothing. Green negotiation achieves wins across Scotland.

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